susie mey.

December 15, 2009

This place looks like a ghost town!  Well, that’s because I began a new blog back in the summer of 09′.  For more about me and for more recent photography, please do visit my new blog at:


off to india…

December 24, 2008

gone_fishinwill be back in a few weeks…

the husband, part II.

September 5, 2008

photoshoot location: baltimore harbor, md.

the husband, part I.

June 26, 2008











photoshoot location:  fairborn, oh

Photographs are the link between then and now. Good Elephant reminds me of my father’s family rubber tree plantation in India where elephants once visited. It evokes the smell of dusty roads where cars, scooters, trucks and cows fight for space in an organized chaos. It is a dream of opening a fabric shop filled with colorful Indian batiks, vegetable dyed prints and wispy, voile cottons. Or, the sound and feel of a cool wind outside an open window in a hill-station home. I inherited a heritage rich in culture and tradition.

When my father moved to America, he began investing in the latest cameras. And for the simple gift of being his daughter, I was given access to look through the looking glass of my father’s lens. I wonder if he had dreams of ever being a photographer. Looking back at photos of him, I see a boy who desired to capture life with the simple click of a button. I inherited this passion.

I am passionate about photography. And, I am passionate about capturing your real life moments the details you would like to remember about life and everything in between.

Why? Because photographs speak heart words. They take our breath like a beautiful outdoor symphony on a cool summer’s evening. Photos are meant to be experienced and cherished. They are to be looked upon as a winsome storybook that tells a tale of sorts. My ideal photograph simply captures everyday life as everyday life should be remembered grand landscapes, minute details, color, emotion, natural movements, and simple twinklings in time. I’ve come to understand that life is beautiful when we just be.