sony lilly.

September 22, 2008


emily louise.

July 9, 2008










photoshoot location: new freedom, pa.

sandra elizabeth.

July 7, 2008

photoshoot locatons: georgetown, washington dc + rockville, md

rebecca alisa.

June 27, 2008

My sister, Rebecca, and I woke up early Sunday morning just as the sun came out. We had something in mind — we had a plan — we had a destination. So we piled into my cool green Suburu Outback with a change of clothes, some make-up, a couple props. And, a camera.

My parents live in the countryside, so we didn’t have to travel far to get to where the sun shined best. In personality, my sister is gentle, yet strong. She can be silly, yet very wise. She can go city, but still lounge like she’s country. That Sunday we decided to see the country side of life.

photoshoot locaton: woodbine, md

the husband, part I.

June 26, 2008











photoshoot location:  fairborn, oh

joshua alexander.

June 25, 2008

My filmer kid brother graduated from DeMatha Catholic High School (Greg’s alma mater too).  His chapter on adolescent schooling is now complete.  So sad how they grow up so quick.  I was just telling Greg how I vividly remember my mom putting him soundly to sleep as a baby, her laying him softly in his crib and then quietly leaving the bedroom to head down to the kitchen to begin supper.  As soon as she was out of sight, I would sneak into the bedroom, oh so quietly, lift him up from his crib and carry him around my parent’s room as he slept.  The joys of an older sister.  Or the times he would cry so hard that he would turn beet red and finally stop breathing altogether.  During those times, my mom would slap his leg so he’d have to take a breath!

And now the bugger is off to college.









My parents never let me or my sister experience campus living (Indian Girl Patrol), but Josh gets the delicious chance to taste it.  How unfair for us, but how fun and adventurous for him!  I’m incredibly happy for him and wish him the utmost blessing on his life — that he become an ambassador for Christ on his college campus.  May God give him the love of David from scripture — an abandoned love for God, Himself.  God has gifted him with a myriad of talents and gifts.  He’s wonderful with people…such a likeable and pleasant chap with sunshine eyes, which he inherited from my dad.  He works wonders with technology, he’s great at producing films, he’s so hilarious that you just want to slap him, and he is artistic in his own unique way.  There aren’t many like him.  🙂  







































































































































 photoshoot location: baltimore, md